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Soybean Field Trial

This on-farm trial explored the effect of foliar fertilizer treatment on soybean yield. The trial was conducted on a 5-acre plot with uniform soil characters and normal soil test results. The treatment was applied between V6 and R1 growth stages. The foliar treatment consisted of 5 gallons of 5-15-15, 1 quart of EDTA 6% manganese, and 1 pint of 10% boron. At harvest, the results showed an increase of approximately 5.5 bushels per acre over the control.


soybean field trial

Plot Details

Location: Strasburg, PA

Planting date: July 1, 2021

Crop: Soybeans

Variety: Pioneer


5 gal 5-15-15

1 qrt manganese

1 pt boron

Field Details

Population: 180,000

Row Width: 30”

Previous Crop: Wheat

Tillage: No Till

Herbicide: Glyphosate

Soil Test:

pH 7.1

C.E.C 11.6

OM% 3.4

P 460 ppm

K 145 ppm

C 2003 ppm

Mg 132 ppm

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