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Liquid Fertilizers For Sale

Liquid Plant Food for Farmers and Co-Ops

Since 1983, Gro-Mor Plant Food Co has strived to produce the most high-quality liquid fertilizer available for the most affordable price possible. All Gro-Mor Plant Food Co starters and foliar feeds are manufactured with the same formulations and raw materials as were used in the first batch. Our goal is to produce a consistent product that helps take your crops to the next level.

Starters & Foliar

Gro-Mor Plant Food Co starters and foliar feeds are manufactured using high-quality raw materials that are safe and readily available for plant uptake at key growth stages.


Gro-Mor Plant Food Co. offers a complete line of fully chelated, EDTA micronutrients for use with our starters and foliar feeds or for use as stand-alone products. Our line includes:

  • Zinc 9%
  • Boron 10%
  • Manganese 6%
  • Calcium 3%
  • Iron 4.5%
  • Copper 7.5%
  • Magnesium 2.5%
  • Molybdenum 10%

Liquid Nitrogen

Gro-Mor Plant Food Co provides liquid nitrogen and macronutrients in several analyses to suit your nutrient needs:

  • 32-0-0-0
  • 32-0-0-0
  • 32-0-0-2S
  • 32-0-0-5S
  • 25-0-0-4S
  • 0-0-25-17S
  • 12-0-0-26S
  • Agrotain
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5 Reasons to Buy

Gro-Mor Product Highlights

  • We manufacture all our products with high-grade raw materials.
  • Our products are safe for seed placement and foliar feeding.
  • Our products are non-corrosive and will not salt-out.
  • We offer programs for all crops.
  • As a manufacturer, we pass our savings onto you.

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