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Our Story

About Gro-Mor Plant Food

Gro-Mor Plant Food Co was born of the ambition to serve farmers in the communities around us with better fertilizer. Founder Bruce Moyer made his start in the liquid fertilizer industry as a Tioga County dairy farmer who saw the benefits of using a high quality liquid fertilizer on his own farm. After starting as a sales rep with a national liquid fertilizer company in the 1960s, Bruce quickly became a VP where he oversaw multiple production facilities and directed a national sales territory. In 1983, Bruce took the experience of managing multiple fertilizer plants and decided to go into business for himself in Lancaster County where he built a manufacturing plant in Leola, PA where all our products are still produced today. In a short time, Bruce took a dedicated base of customers and expanded operations to serve farmers in over 20 states.

Today, Gro-Mor Plant Food Co. is a three generation operation. At 90 years old, Bruce still helps with the day-to-day operations of the business including mixing and fleet management. Bruce’s son Dwane took over as owner/president in 2012 and has grown the business by over double since entering the Gro-Mor sales force in 1999. In 2018, a new generation entered the family business as Bruce’s grandson Brett joined Gro-Mor Plant Food Co after graduating from college and currently works as Gro-mor’s Sales and marketing manager.


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